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Bruce Bramson here. I am a retired chemist, author, craftsman, ex-chicken-queen, still running a small business. I’m an old-fashioned seventy-something ”GWM” who has had some interesting experiences here and in several parts of the world. I’ll be sharing these with you eventually. Some of the photos I will use to illustrate some posts will be lifted from the World-Wide-Web: in case I use one for which you hold a copyright, please let me know and I will remove it.

My plan is to take you briefly through my early “formative” years, to give you some idea of how I came to be the old fart I am today. Traveling and working overseas has broadened my view of the world: I believe every young person should travel, especially when young. I was 27 when I first went overseas (Europe) and was appalled to see old rich folks being herded around by the bus-load to look at “stuff”, but they never met the local folks or learned anything of the culture. I was fortunate, eventually, to be able to do my working and traveling when young enough to really enjoy it: now, in my dotage, I can sit back in my rocking-chair and enjoy my life in re-runs. I’ll try to take you with me!


My parents were well educated: Mom completed college and taught briefly before my oldest brother arrived. Dad had two PhDs and devoted his career to education. We led a family-structured life, and a few things were inviolable. One of these was, we always dined as a family: special dispensation was required to get out of being present for dinner (illness excepted, of course). Once the family began to expand, Mom stayed at home, and Dad was the bread-winner.

Nowadays, I see so many broken families, and even many that are still “whole” but who nevertheless never sit down at the dinner table together. The banter around our table was something wonderful, with lots of jokes and lots of puns. To this day, dinner is a special time to share with anyone close. For a time I had some tenants for whom I cooked regularly: I hope they appreciated it!

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November 12th, 2009 at 12:50 pm

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