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April 2, 2010

Here are a few of the photos the Doctor gave me at my Post-op exam, when he concluded that my knee was healing as he had expected. He took out the sutures closing the two little holes through which all the instruments and cameras were inserted.


It seems entirely appropriate to me that I have a lot of “degenerative arthritis: I’ve been a degenerate all my life!





So I am now getting around using a cane, and it is clear I have quite a long recovery ahead. I have favored my left leg so long now that my left hip is sore and is likely to remain so until the knee is fully healed. It does not help that there are many stair-cases in this house, and my iMAC is in the attic! I awake rested in the morning, but by evening I am achy everywhere and ready for a mickey and bed. Nevertheless, I hope to return to work on a limited basis next Monday.

I hope my readers will stay with me. In a nutshell, I worked in Australia for a while, then in Egypt (with side trips to Greece, Sudan and other places); then worked in Manila for several short-term projects. Along the way I spent some quality time in Ecuador (1979) which was still running a good deal of steam on the G&Q. I got a lot of fine photos on the G&Q: here I will whet your appetite with just one.


Firing up a locomotive, early AM in Duran

So hang in, folks: I have a lot of fun times to share once I get away from all this pain!



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April 2nd, 2010 at 1:31 pm

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