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HIP! HIP! Oh, Shit!

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On the 9th last, I managed to break my left hip. I hobbled around that day, hoping it was “just a sprain”, but by morning of the 10th, I knew something was terribly wrong: I could not get out of bed. The upshot is I had to have two hunky guys carry me down to a waiting ambulance, which deposited me in hospital. By noon or so after numerous X-rays, someone casually mentioned, “Oh, yes, it’s broken.”

By late afternoon a team of doctors had been organized, and about 7:30 PM they put me down and replaced the entire hip joint: ball, socket, the works.

I spent 5 days in hospital (boring!) and am now home, confined to one floor of my mansion. I’m looking at 12 weeks to recover from the hip operation (which is going very well so far) and then I’ll go back to have the left knee replaced. So I am pretty much out of everything for the rest of the year and on into 2011.

But I am determined to get through all this and walk normally again. The arthroscopic surgery on the knee was less than successful, and may even be the proximate cause of the hip failure. I have too many good years left to just say I’ll be an invalid for the rest of my life!!

When I can get back to the main computer upstairs, I’ll continue with this blog, but for now, it is a temporary goodbye to all!



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August 20th, 2010 at 11:05 am

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