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SriLanka Map

Map of Sri Lanka


The red arrow points to Colombo

I mentioned on my previous page that I had a brief look at Sri Lanka as part of a team investigating the situation regarding water supplies in that country. In the main, I found it a rather bleak country, though the fine old Galle Face hotel in Colombo

Galle Face Hotel

Faded elegance in the old portion

was something of a hoot, parts of it dating back to 1864. We did not stay there, but often gathered of an afternoon to compare notes, sip a lime & soda and watch the lovely sunsets.

Sunset from the Galle Face

A lovely sight

We stayed at a sort of pension a bit off the beaten track.  After a few days in Colombo (Sri Lanka’s Capitol), we were taken by train north to Jaffna.


The red arrow points to Jaffna

It was quite a ride, interrupted at times by inspections required because of the unrest in the country in general and the far north in particular. As it was, we stayed in a fine hotel, quite new, but we were the only guests!

RRy station

We departed for Jaffna

Our engine & crew

Our engine and crew

No crossing guard

Slow going: no crossing guard


Our train hurtles through the countryside

Old cars en route

Old rolling-stock seen along the way

Old turntable

Doesn't look useful any more

Train on bridge

Muddy waters!

Special car

The President's special carriage?

Division point

A division point on the Railway

Bridge inspection

Inspecting a bridge for possible sabotage

Jaffna RRy station

We made it!

Temple and well, Jaffna

Temple and well near Jaffna

We returned to Colombo by train, then were driven south to the town of Galle,


The red arrow points to Galle

where we stayed at the Galle Fort Hotel. This structure dates back many years and was the home of a Dutch gem merchant, later barracks for soldiers, and then turned into a hotel—of sorts. I had a huge room with several beds, all sorts of old furniture, and a bathroom with a tub large enough to drown in. In those days the place was gritty, but great fun. I had come to the conclusion that the Tsunami in 2004 might have washed it away, but apparently not: it is now owned by Australians and is the place to stay when in Galle.

I sample Coconut Milk

I sample Coconut Milk


Well fitted with submersible pump

This ancient device mechanically measured water as it flowed from a reservoir. No longer used, but preserved.

We made the obligatory visit to Candy, then after several weeks, our team turned in our reports and went home. What, if anything, came of our brief presence I’ll never know!

BB At Home

Getting reacquainted with my cats

I also mentioned previously that Sri Lanka had colorful paper money: I will put these on a new page, as this one is already rather long.



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