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It has been too long since I last put up another page. It has been a busy time of year for me. I hope those readers who celebrate Christmas had a pleasant one.

We are still back in 1993, when I returned to Ecuador hoping for many rides behind steam. As described previously, I got far fewer rides than I had hoped-for. Upon my return to Guayaquil after the trip that got me only to Huigra, I spent another day poking around in the yards at Durán. The older yard, near the station, was in bad repair and there seemed to be little going on. On the day I was there, no one was around, and I took the photos which follow.

Duran Old Shops  #43 1


Engine Number 43 looking pretty worn out. I could not tell if she was being cannibalized for parts, or being rebuilt.

Duran Old Shops #8:55

Boiler Number 8 reconstructed 1955

These old engines were rebuilt over and over!

Duran Old Shops #43 2

The cab of No. 43

She looks pretty bad. Note a First Class car behind it. These were rebuilt over and over as well.

Duran Old Shops #43 3

The smoke-box of No. 43

This, at least, looked like work was being done to get her under way again.

Duran Old Shops #44 1

Looking a bit better than No. 43

No. 44 was clearly being rebuilt, possibly using parts of No. 43.

Duran Old Shops #44 2

There's hope for this one

Number 44 was clearly in better condition than No. 43. I have no idea is she ever ran again, though.

Duran Old Shops #44 3

Although "on the ground", she stands a chance

I’d have to guess that Number 44 did run again. She was clearly receiving the necessary attention.

Duran Old Shops #46 1

Number 46 was also under the sheds

I had seen Number 46 operating in 1979. Here, she looks a bit worse for wear!

Duran Old Shops #46 2

Looked to me like she was being stripped for parts

However, the missing pieces of the cab may just be under repair. There was no way of telling.

Duran Old Shops #46 3

The fireman's side of No. 46

She’s still on her wheels, but all the motion has been dropped.

Duran Old Shops #55:81

No. 55's other marker.

“Boiler No. 58 reconstructed in Durán, June 1981”

Duran Old Shops Pump

Pump lying on the ground

My guess is this pump was used to hydrostatically test new boilers. I could be wrong.

Homage to FFCC

Ecuadoreños are proud of their railroad!

I can no longer recall whether this homage was at Durán, or at Bucay, but it had been erected  since I was there in 1979.

Later this same day, I bribed the guard watching the gate to the new shops and had a look around in there. That will be my final page about Ecuador and the FFCC (ENFE).



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December 26th, 2010 at 1:58 pm